ATS Phone Conference Thoughts with Bill Lutz: May 23, 2019

There is a long term opportunity which could be very valuable and beneficial to
both ATS and Workforce Math, Inc. It probably should start with a “test group”
of up to 250 technical workers to prove the value of the program.

1. Proper Content is critical. This is the Math that Gary and I know is most
important and useful for most technicians from the many training workshops we
developed at Hane Training/Learn Maintenance which ATS purchased.

We do not know of any other Math Program that is so focused.

2. Proper Pedagogy is critical too. Different students have different aptitudes,
abilities and backgrounds that must be adapted to by the training.

Our online delivery system utilizes the unique SupraComputer which has many
amazing features no other computer has.

The online training is interactive with videos, quizzes, self paced, practice
problems, and ability to review at any time. All integrated for ease of use.

The training is delivered in modest time periods and can be scheduled at the
students’ convenience so as to not interfere with their main job assignments. It
is totally flexible and this keeps the internal labor costs very low.

It is impossible to achieve these things in any type of group or classroom training
which is much more expensive too.

3. Our Learning management system keeps track of each student’s progress. It
also gives each student positive feedback for their efforts and successes.

4. Our SupraComputer training system utilizes a large monitor, earphones,
Keyboard and Mouse, and a printer for printing out the notes and exercises .
Thus, it does not require valuable computer resources at the plant. You just hook
it to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet in some convenient location.

5. The Workforce Math Program is divided into 10 modules, like rungs on a
ladder, and can be climbed as many rungs as is needed and practical.

Modules 1 and 2 teach the student how to use a TI 30Xa Calculator to perform
basic arithmatic quck and easy. Virtually all students love this and it gets them
in a good frame of mind to continue. It is kinesthetic which is good.

Module 3 is basic algebra that empowers the student to understand formulas in
documentation and perform a plethora of calculations. It is only nine lessons.
MUCH better than standard algebra course in high school and many tech

Modules 4 – 6 teach basic practical geometry for finding lengths, areas, and
volumes. This is valuable and interesting for most technical workers. Four
special topics are included too.

Modules 7 – 10 cover advanced topics and is valuable particularly for workers
who already like math and know a lot of basic math.

If 20% of your workers complete this they will be an adequate resource when
such problems arise.

6. The methodology of how this learning is done can be applied to individual task
modules ATS and us could create and deliver very easily.

Gary says these “How to’s” are needed by all technicians and would improve
performance dramatically.

ATS has a list of 600+ “How to” tasks that a technician should know in order to
do their job that was created by ATS several years ago.

7. The 2018 budget had approval to test out this math program for some ATS
technicians to prove how well it worked.

This was before some reductions in the first part of that year put a freeze on
“non critical” expenditures. Unfortunately, it didn’t get going again.

Now’s the time! Is it not? I hope so.

8. We would like to start a training program ASAP and train up to 250 folks in
several locations over the next several months.

Example: June – December –- 7 months.

We can put the students into the program in a flexible manner so scheduling
should not be a problem.

We just need to set up a SC delivery system in a location and then start putting
workers through it. Could start in June.

Very flexible and easy to schedule. Interuptions in the schedule are not a

Then we can add more locations and more students as quickly as convenient.
Often when such a program starts and the early adopters tell others about it
others want to do it to.

This program is quite enjoyable and fulfilling for most technical workers.
They appreciate it and value it. Intrinsic motivation kicks in pretty quickly for
most students.

Managers should start seeing benefits and productivity increases.

This will be important to evaluate the programs value to ATS.

Gary and I believe that ATS will get a huge ROI from this training from the Ten
Consequences it will produce:

Then, ATS might want to market Workforce Math to its clients and prospective

This might be a way for ATS to earn more money and also obtain more

ATS might want to invest in Workforce Math.

I believe there is a huge potential financial benefit for both of our companies.
The exponential growth and synergies will be amazing.

And, the downside risks minimal and very low.