How & Why It Works

Here’s How it Works for Learners . . .

Even those who have had problems learning math in the past have found this program helpful and practical.

  • Users access accounts from any Internet enabled computer 24/7.
  • Take a “Pre-Test” to avoid training on familiar topics.
  • Complete brief, topic specific modules assigned based on “Pre-Test” results.
  • After training, a “Post-Test” quantifies improvement, grants certificate when passed, or assigns additional training if needed.
  • Certificate of Completion is available to print or download after each lesson is completed successfully.

View a Sample Training Lesson

Here’s Why it Works for Learners . . .

Watch this 12 minute video to learn why this online math program is perfect for your Skilled Tradesman and Hands-On Learners:

Refresh math skills you were taught years ago but never applied or used or just forgot!

Here’s How it Works for Managers . . .

Triad Math’s Learning Management System allows you to:

  • Manage Regions, Facilities, and Administrators.
  • Easily organize and administer your training program across large geographical areas, departments, or shifts.
  • Provide each manager with his/her own administrative account.
  • Customize Your Curricula Using Groups and Training Paths.
  • Ensure consistent job specific training across any job position.
  • Users complete assignments in the order you choose.
  • Run Usage Reports.
  • Analyze company wide training progress at a glance.
  • Quickly confirm course status for all employees.

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