Our Unique Training

Our Workforce Math Training has 10 Learning Modules:

MODULE 1:  13 lessons on Scientific Calculator Basics

Topics covered:  Basic Operations, Real & Negative Numbers, Multiplication, Division and Percentage, Using Memory, Squares & Square Roots, Reciprocals, Proper & Improper Fractions & Converting Fractions to Decimals

MODULE 2:  11 lessons on Basic Pre-Algebra

Topics covered:  Real Numbers, Integers & Rationals, The Number Line & Negative Numbers, Rules of Addition & Multiplication, Distributive Law, Fractions, Squares & Square Roots, Reciprocals & Exponents

MODULE 3:  9 lessons on Intermediate Algebra

Topics covered:  Four Ways to Solve an Algebra Equation, The Rule of Algebra, X + A = B, AX = B, AX + B = CS + D, A/X = B/C, X squared = A, Square Root of X = A

MODULE 4:  7 lessons on Intermediate Geometry

Topics covered:  What is Geometry?, Straight Lines and Angles, Parallel Lines, Triangle Basics and the Sum of Angles, Right Triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, Similar Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons and Perimeters

MODULE 5:  6 more lessons
 on Intermediate Geometry

Topics covered:  Area of Triangles and Rectangles, Formulas for Polygons, Circles and Circumferences, Circles and Areas, Surface Areas of Blocks and Cylinders, Volumes of Blocks and Cylinders

MODULE 6:  4 lessons on Intermediate Special Topics

Topics covered:  Units Conversions, DMS vs. Decimal, Degrees, Exponents, Density and Weight

MODULE 7:  6 lessons on Scientific Calculator Advanced & Algebra

Topics covered:  Trigonometry Operations, Using Sine, Using Cosine, Using Tangent, SIN X = A, COS X = A (8 Min.)

MODULE 8:  6 lessons on Advanced Geometry

Topics covered:  Circles and Special Properties, Surface Areas of Cones, Volumes of Cones, Surface Areas of Spheres and Balls, Archimedes Tombstone, Sphere Area and Volume, When Geometry is not enough for Triangles

MODULE 9:  8 lessons on Trigonometry

Topics covered:   Introduction to Trigonometry, Trigonometry Functions, Sines, Cosines , Tangents, Warning about SIN-1, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines and the generalized Pythagorean Theorem

MODULE 10:  5 lessons on Advanced Special Topics

Topics covered:  FLO SCI ENG Formats & Addendum, Prefixes, Technician’s Triangle and Polar Rectangular Coordinates

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Our Training Also Includes:


Each time a lesson is completed successfully, the student receives a Certificate of Completion providing an incentive to complete assignments.


Our Learning Mangement System tracks each student’s progress and provides management with completion reporting.

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