Ten Consequences of Workforce Math Training

Ten Consequences of Workforce Math

Learn the
results you’ll achieve when providing proper math training.

The Ten Consequences…


Mastery using a scientific calculator for arithmetic calculations. A most basic skill very valuable to any technical worker. WE get huge accolades from our students on this skill they acquire. They are amazed and pleased.


Master the amazing free Tool Wolfram Alpha for a variety of technical answers. Saves amazing amounts of time and empowers a technical worker even more than the scientific calculator.


Master Practical Algebra and Geometry to solve a wide variety of technical problems. Most students are amazed at how easy and enlightening this is.


Master Basic Trigonometry for angle situations. Students are amazed this is even easier than Algebra and Geometry thanks to modern tools. Concepts are very easy.


Improve the technical worker’s analytical skills useful in troubleshooting and solving practical problems. Practical Math exercises these skills necessary for successful troubleshooting and problem solving.


Enhance a technical worker’s ability to understand technical documentation. This a really big deal and dramatically enhances their job performance. They really appreciate it.


Empower a worker to understand technical training delivered by experts such as vendors. No worker wants to admit they can’t follow technical training due to lack of understanding the math involved. But, this is a huge very prevalent problem few want to admit. This is now solved!


Screen out worker’s who will not have the ability to learn all the technical things necessary to excel in their job. If a worker cannot understand and master the basic practical math skills, then the worker probably will not be able to succeed in their job. That assumes the Proper Math is taught, not what is now taught in most high schools.


Motivate and empower worker to improve their technical skills set. Nothing succeeds like success. Remove the Math Barrier and workers rapidly and eagerly improve their technical skills.


Improve a worker’s productivity and reduce errors. This is the ultimate Big Goal for any company. This has a huge amplified impact on the bottom line financial results. A Dollar saved goes immediately to the bottom line.